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Many companies outsource their Pharmacovigilance services as they feel it allows them to focus on other areas of the business.  It also reduces their overheads and takes a lot of stress from them. Did you know that EU Pharmacovigilance laws mean that all spontaneous reports regarding serious adverse reactions must be expedited within 15 days.

Patient Support Programmes

We have in house trained Health Care Professionals (HCP) and Drug Safety Associates (DSAs) who not only report Adverse Drug Reactions or Adverse Events to the regulatory body, but offer patient support.
This patient support program is offered during the HCP-DSAs home visits. The program trains patients on how to safely use their medicine. Upon this support, the HCP-DSAs report any further ADRs or follow-ups to the regulatory body. Using a unique device, HCP-DSAs and DSAs collect the data via our unique app. This device is what makes our services unique as we momentarily collect maximum information without the patients feeling overwhelmed.

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