Almond Africa

Determined To Revive Pharmacovigilance in Africa
Our mission is to be cost effective for your company, without compromising on the quality of the work that we submit back to you.
Our PV scientists and associates across Africa, using the GVP modules as a guide for all projects they are assigned to do, ensure submissions are done in time, and with a non compromising standard of quality.
We ensure our staff are trained in all therapeutic areas, and the Almond Pharma EU management constantly review work before they are submitted back to you (our clients).

As a lot of our clients have their product(s), distributed in the EU and Africa, we know they are very interested in receiving data back from these under reported countries.
In light to this, in the interest of our clients, we have invested time, resources and money in understanding the underlying reasons for the PV dormancy in Africa. Whilst African Health Care Professionals (HCP) are aware of drug safety, the lack of research points to HCP training and lack of funding. This means Pharmacovigilance is not part of their daily clinical activities. Combining this understanding and the expertise from our in house team, we believe we can help revive Pharmacovigilance in Africa, thereby collect PV data in the continent for our global clients.

Postmarketing Services and Clinical Services

We offer Pharmacovigilance outsourcing services in Postmarketing and Clinical trials to pharmaceutical companies. You can rest assured that we will adhere to the EU standards of compliance and vigilance whilst also complying with the territory regulations.

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