Almond Training

Our Training Courses Have Been Developed with YOU in Mind, We Have Just What You Need

 Training for University Graduates
Our training courses have been developed with you in mind. Whether you have just left university, or you are looking to change career paths, you need our training services!
We understand the viscous cycle for university leavers- how can they get work without experience and how can they get experience without work? It’s one thing to get a 1st class degree and have it collect dust because you can’t find an employer who will train you.
Our training exposes you to the tough demands of Pharmacovigilance readying you for the world of work. Our courses were structured around the need to prove that you have been adequately and effectively trained, with content that is 100% up-to-date with the relevant Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GVP) modules.
Individuals in the Industry
Perhaps you have been on maternity leave, or you want to make that transition from a hospital clinical career to one the pharmaceutical industry. We have just what you need. Our Good Pharmacovigilance Practice (GPvP) online training platform allows you to access our courses from wherever you are, join the discussion, get interactive the course provider and course attendees, as you explore the industry with real life examples. This makes it easier for you to get trained and certified at your convenience.

Training in Africa
Almond Africa is a consultancy service which ventures in and around the continent of Africa, aiming to rebuild its Pharmacovigilance health care systems. We train and educate Health Care Professionals so they fully understand the global benefits of Pharmacovigilance.

Patient Support Programmes

We have outsourced Patient Support Programmes (PSP) run by our qualified Health Care Professional Drug Safety Associates (HCP-DSAs) in accordance with GVP module VI. Our Qualified DSAs train the patients on how to use the medication in accordance with the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL). They make sure the patients understand off label use, medication errors, maladministration, how to store the drugs for maximum drug efficacy and the clinical and pharmacological impact of medicine negligence.