Our Services

We offer an intensive training course, We offer training to organisations, Pharmacovigilance outsourcing services, and support to National Pharmacovigilance Centres in African countries.

We offer National Pharmacovigilance Centre Support by providing a thorough training to the practicing health care professionals as well as Patient Support Programmes for the patients. Our in house Drug Safety Associates specialise in collecting and collating adverse drug reactions and reporting them to the regulatory authorities for each country.

Almond Training
We developed our training to meet the tough demands of the job market.

Almond Vigilance

It is important that you outsource a regulated section of your business to one that is highly compliant.

Almond Africa
Since the beginning of the epidemic of HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria, drugs have continuously been developed to manage and treat the diseases.

Almond Medical Writing

Our team can support the development of PV systems and prepare associated documentation for clients all over the world including  but not limited to United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland.


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