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Almond Pharma is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) offering quality, compliant and cost-effective Pharmacovigilance services to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies globally. We commit ourselves to advancing the practice of your drug safety on a global scale allowing you to focus on the core values of your company.

We can provide and run your entire Pharmacovigilance operations, submitting SAE & non serious ICSRs to EMA, authoring safety documents, e.g., RMP, DSUR, taking care of all the requirements for:

  • Case processing
  • Expedited reporting
  • Medical Writing (PSURs, DSURs, IBs)
  • Literature screening and safety signal detection and review.

We Offer Pharmacovigilance Training

Trying to get your first job in pharmacovigilance can be daunting, difficult and no doubt competitive.
We understand the cycle of getting qualified but not having enough or any industry experience.
Here at Almond Pharma, we combat that by offering intense training courses which will allow you to stand competitively in the market. Our courses are very comprehensive and they cover a wide range of the practical sides of pharmacovigilance. We look at the softwares used in the industry, real life examples of drugs that are a potential threat to public health, and how you will deal with them in the context of work.
Eighty percent of the course looks at your day to day deliverables required from you once you are hired. The course also explores ways in which you can be competitive with recruiters, walking you through interview techniques, working on your CV and exploring ways to secure your job.
With the flexible working hours you are rewarded with and a very competitive salary, once you get your foot in the door, you will agree that the journey was worth while.

What we do in Europe

Not only do we offer Pharmacovigilance services globally, we have also made it one of our core objectives to specialise in FDA & EMA submissions, RMP, PSUR, DSUR and safety report writing.

Our writing team is based in France, London England and across Africa.
This allows outsourcing work very cost effective for your business, as our reports are prepared across Africa, quality checked and submitted to EMA, FDA and other regulatory bodies, from the UK.
While we employ staff in Africa, we have taken it upon ourselves to awaken the PV dormancy in across the continent. We offer Pharmacovigilance exposure, educating the public on how to report adverse drug reactions (for health care professionals and patients).

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