PPE Supply

Almond Bio Tests is a UK based company specialising in supplying Covid-19 swab tests and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

We supply PPE to UK hospitals, dentist surgeries, care homes and the UK government. Our PPE is CE certified, clinically supported by independent test reports, meeting the EU standards of safety.

We have a wide range of products immediately available in huge quantities.

We source directly from approved factories that have the capacity to produce amounts from 500,000 units per day.

For wholesale PPE, ranging from Type IIR masks, isolation gowns, aprons, hand sanitisers and more, please email PPE@almondbiotest.com


Gloves (Non Sterile and Sterile)



Neoprene Gloves

Vinyl gloves

Plastic gloves

Gowns and Aprons

Single-use (disposable)

Full body gowns

Long sleeve plastic aprons

Impermeable gowns or coveralls

Fluid-resistant gown that extends to at least mid-calf

Fluid-resistant coverall without integrated hood

Protective eye gear

Safety glasses


Fluid repellent surgical masks

Full-face shields – to protect the eyes


Protective face wear

Full-face shields

Single-use (disposable) full face shield.

Respiratory Protection

NIOSH-certified N95 respirator

A hooded respirator with a full face shield, helmet, or headpiece.


Protective Suits

Anti-virus disposable safety hospital full body protection suits

Sterilized Medical Disposable Protective Coverall


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