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Almond Pharma is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) offering quality, compliant and cost-effective Pharmacovigilance services to Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies globally. Our head office is in London, England. Our medical writing activities and EMA & FDA regulatory submissions are from London and Paris, while we also have a competitive option of our medical writers working in Africa.

Our Services

Almond Pharmacovigilance services (AlmondVigilance) is where companies outsource their Pharmacovigilance activities to us.
Many companies outsource their Pharmacovigilance services as they feel it allows them to focus on other areas of the business. It also reduces their overheads and takes a lot of stress from them. Did you know that EU Pharmacovigilance laws mean that all spontaneous reports regarding serious adverse reactions must be expedited within 15 days.
We specialise in clinical and post marketing services, as well as regulatory submissions to FDA and EMA.

Almond Training

Almond Training, is a sector where we bridge the gap between lack of experience and qualification, by offering industry training courses. We bridge the gap between being qualified and inexperienced. Our intense courses are very interactive, led by industry experts.

Our head office is staffed with the finance department, HR & recruitment personnel, lead medical writers, writing PV & clinical documents and performing EMA & FDA regulatory submissions
Our medical writers are a dedicated team writing PV documents and performing EMA & FDA, regulatory submissions
Our medical writers are a dedicated team writing PV & clinical documents
Our medical writers are a dedicated team writing PV & clinical documents

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